In this chapter book series, Rafi and Rosi Coquí, explore their surroundings and learn about the traditions, plants, animals, and environment of Puerto Rico. Young readers will enjoy the adventures of these curious siblings and will relate to their special bond as brother and sister. Titles are available in both Spanish and English.

In Rafi and Rosi Pirates!, Rafi and his younger sister, Rosi, are excited to visit El Morro Fort, the four-hundred-year-old fortress that guards the entrance to San Juan harbor. At the fort they pretend to be pirates, engage in a fierce battle, and learn about Roberto Cofresí, Puerto Rico’s most famous pirate. During a game of hide-and-seek, Rosi finds the perfect place to hide—in the stone sentry box that once housed the fort’s lookout guards. Little does she know that the sentry box might be haunted!


The process



They say that when Puerto Ricans move to the island they have trouble falling asleep without the lullaby of el coquí. It happened to me. I sorely missed this adorable tree frog’s song. One day, thinking about my island, I started sketching coquíes from memory. And from my sketches Rafi and Rosi were born. 

From the very beginning I knew the stories would be about the relationship between an older brother and his little sister. The stories mirror my husband's antics growing up in Puerto Rico and his relationship to his younger sister. The character of Rosi has a little of me in her. 

The siblings’ adventures are set in Puerto Rico and share the island's stunning natural beauty, rich culture, centuries-old traditions and history. The island has always been a source of inspiration for my work and I'm proud that Rafi and Rosi can tell a little of its story with beginner readers. More extensive background here.


To create the art I used a sepia watercolor pencil for the outlines of my characters. Then I filled the shapes with Windsor and Newton watercolors. The sepia outline bled a little as I painted the tree frogs giving my characters warmth.





45 min. A slide show in DVD format telling how the characters were born and the stories developed, a demonstration of the "magic fingers" trick. Recommended for grades 1-2.



45 min. A reading of Queen for a Day, a slide show in DVD format that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at an authentic vejigante costume.
Recommended for grades 1- 3.



45 min. A reading of Pirate Treasure, a slide show that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at old pirate money! Recommended for grades 1- 3.



reviews + AWARDS

Rafi and Rosi
Rafi y Rosi

Junior Library Guild Selection
 Bank Street College of Education English/Spanish Language Best Books of the Year 2016

Rafi and Rosi: Carnival!
Rafi y Rosi: ¡Carnaval!

Junior Library Guild Selection
 Bank Street College of Education English/Spanish Language Best Books of the Year 2016

Rafi and Rosi: Pirates!
Rafi y Rosi: ¡Piratas!

Primer Premio Campoy-Ada de la Academia Americana de la Lengua Española
Top Early Chapter Book SLJ Fuse #8 Production
Top Bilingual Chapter Book SLJ Fuse #8 Production
Horn Book Guide Recommended Easy Reader
ALSC Summer Reading List
Junior Library Guild Selection


"Delacre affectionately depicts the brief conflicts and abiding love between this busy duo, adding appealing watercolor illustrations. While Rafi is older and savvier, the verve with which Rosi approaches the panoply of childish emotions will jibe with kids fresh from such mastery themselves." – Kirkus Reviews

"These frog siblings are mischievous, but it is clear that they love and appreciate one another. Their emotions and experiences are universal to childhood. The charming cartoon illustrations are integral to the amusing text." – School Library Journal

"Puerto Rican tree frogs Rafi and Rosi team up for some informative hijinks in this beginning reader.... Delacre illustrates this title in sunny beach shades of sand and sky, making the most of the expressively big-eyed tree frogs and their spindly but graceful limbs. Rafi and Rosi are a likable pair of siblings, and their science-oriented activities, while not intrusive, provide an underlying solidity to their interaction." – Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

"Rafi the irrepressible tree frog is back with his younger, plucky sister, Rosi…A sweet and engaging story" –Kirkus Reviews

"...a good addition for libraries wishing to add diversity to the collection, or those serving Spanish-speaking children." –Booklist