author visits for children lulu delacre


From Arroz to Shake it!

45 min. Lulu teaches gentle games from Arrorró mi niño, tells the story behind the creation of Arroz con Leche: Popular Songs and Rhymes from Latin America, and dances game-songs from Arroz con Leche and Shake it, Morena! with selected students. Recommended for Pre K-1.

Meet Rafi and Rosi

45 min. A slide show in DVD format telling how the characters were born and the stories developed, a demonstration of the "magic fingers" trick. Recommended for grades 1-2.

The Making of a Book
Rafi and Rosi : Carnival!

45 min. A reading of Queen for a Day, a slide show in DVD format that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at an authentic vejigante costume.
Recommended for grades 1- 3.

The making of a book
Rafi and Rosi: Pirates!

45 min. A reading of Pirate Treasure, a slide show that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at old pirate money! Recommended for grades 1- 3.

Salsa Stories

45 min. We explore how special foods spark fond family memories, and how these memories can be transformed into stories. A reading of a story, an explanation of the creative process behind the book and the powerful role of family anecdotes. A slide show explains the printing process used for the illustrations. Recommended for grades 3-5.

Pickup Soccer Writing Workshop: a school program for middle grades.

After reading a short story from Us, in Progress Delacre shows students the process of creating fiction inspired by an article in the news. Then she guides students to begin their own story as they ponder a time when they found themselves in a situation and would have liked a different outcome. Recommended for grades 4-6.


45 min. Can you think of someone you care about who’s been treated unfairly after an event? We explore how writing fiction based on true events helps process difficult emotions. I share the writing and illustration process. Recommended for grades 5-7. Six graders love this one!

The art of Turning pages

An in-depth look into the research process that informed the art of Sonia Sotomayor's autobiography for children. This program is best combined with either AN EXCITING DISCOVERY LEADS TO A PICTURE BOOK: ¡OLINGUITO, DE LA A A LA Z! OLINGUITO, FROM A TO Z if for grades 1-2 or with SALSA STORIES if for grades 3-5. 


"The “Arroz Con Leche” game and dancing “Shake it Morena!” were a real hit!"
– Rachel Klein, Media Specialist, Clifton Avenue Grade School, Lakewood, NJ

"Our kids absolutely lit up when she began speaking in Spanish. From that moment they were hooked."
 –  Kari Kain, Librarian, Clearview Elementary, Herndon, VA