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I love sharing my passion for creating books that inspire and instill pride of one's heritage with students and teachers!

My presentations are tailored to your occasion, goals, and audience. I can present in English or Spanish. 

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It’s a good idea to invite the author/illustrator 6 months to 1 year ahead of your scheduled event. The earlier you plan, the more likely you’ll get your choice of dates. For regular school visits prepare to be flexible in finding a date that works for everyone.

Think of the age group you’d like to reach and select a program accordingly. Lulu will work with you to achieve your specific goals. 

Lulu presents up to three school programs  at the same venue in one day. An evening family program on overnight visits may be added. The host will provide an honorarium plus travel expenses. Written confirmation is required. If an invoice or other paperwork is needed please contact the author in advance so payment is ready on the day of the visit.  
Should your school need help with the honorarium, read about 21 Ways to Fund Author Visits.

Make sure the students are familiar with Lulu’s work. They’ll be excited about the visit, be attentive and ask good questions.  

The more people know about the event, the better the turnout!

Think of including the latest release from Lulu in your book order. Lulu will sign all the books you purchase.



author visits for children lulu delacre


From Arroz to Shake it!

45 min. Lulu teaches gentle games from Arrorró mi niño, tells the story behind the creation of Arroz con Leche: Popular Songs and Rhymes from Latin America, and dances game-songs from Arroz con Leche and Shake it, Morena! with selected students. Recommended for Pre K-1.

the making of a Book
Rafi and Rosi Music!

45 min. 45 min. A reading of the story Fiery Bomba while readers see its illustrations on a screen. Lulu then explains the process in the making of a book. A fun program in which kids learn the basics of the bomba musical genre and its call-and-response tradition. Recommended for grades 1- 3.

The Making of a Book
Rafi and Rosi : Carnival!

45 min. A reading of Queen for a Day, a slide show that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at an authentic vejigante costume. Recommended for grades 1- 3.

The making of a book
Rafi and Rosi: Pirates!

45 min. A reading of Pirate Treasure, a slide show that explains the process in the making of a book, and a peek at old pirate money! Recommended for grades 1- 3.

Salsa Stories

45 min. We explore how special foods spark fond family memories, and how these memories can be transformed into stories. A reading of a story, an explanation of the creative process behind the book and the powerful role of family anecdotes. A slide show explains the printing process used for the illustrations. Recommended for grades 3-5.

Pickup Soccer Writing Workshop: a school program for middle grades.

After reading a short story from Us, in Progress Delacre shows students the process of creating fiction inspired by an article in the news. Then she guides students to begin their own story as they ponder a time when they found themselves in a situation and would have liked a different outcome. Recommended for grades 4-6.


45 min. Can you think of someone you care about who’s been treated unfairly after an event? We explore how writing fiction based on true events helps process difficult emotions. I share the writing and illustration process. Recommended for grades 5-7. Six graders love this one!

The art of Turning pages

An in-depth look into the research process that informed the art of Sonia Sotomayor's autobiography for children. This program may be combined with any of the RAFI AND ROSI SERIES programs. 


"The “Arroz Con Leche” game and dancing “Shake it Morena!” were a real hit!"
– Rachel Klein, Media Specialist, Clifton Avenue Grade School, Lakewood, NJ

"Our kids absolutely lit up when she began speaking in Spanish. From that moment they were hooked."
 –  Kari Kain, Librarian, Clearview Elementary, Herndon, VA

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author visits for teens lulu delacre

school programs


From Event to Bound Book : The Creation of a Memoir

45 min. Lulu Delacre explains the steps in the making of Alicia Afterimage. She describes the interview process, the challenges of multiple voices and points of view, the use of voice to develop character, and the search for clarity in placing memories in the past or distant past. She talks about the importance of revising and editing and the thought process in the final selection of images for the book. Reading the book prior to the visit is highly recommended. This is a program that brings to the foreground thought-provoking themes for many teens. A question and answer period is included. 
Recommended for grades 8th -11th and/or older English language learners. 


"My students were visibly moved to meet Lulu one-on-one and to have her sign copies of her book.... She has touched their minds and hearts forever through her words and actions."
– Ann A. Kennedy, Ph.D., Reading Specialist, Arlington Career Center, Arlington, VA

"...our staff and students were truly touched by what you shared with will be more than just a highlight for this school year to them."
– Jerry Michel, Vice Principal, Lincoln Hall, Lincolnwood School District 74, Chicago, IL

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author visits for families lulu delacre

family programs


45 min. Lulu plays gentle games with the little ones, dances game-songs from her island of Puerto Rico with older kids, and takes the whole family in an imaginary voyage with the paintings and poetry of How Far Do you Love Me? A good choice for audiences with very young children.


45 min. Join Lulu as she plays some of the song games of Arrorro mi niño, and reads one of the stories of Rafi and Rosi: Music! Learn about her latest collection, Us, in Progress: Short Stories About Young LatinosA perfect program for Libraries or School Family Nights.


30 to 45 min. This presentation focuses on the books Arrorró mi niño: Latino Lullabies and Gentle GamesArroz con Leche: Popular Songs and Rhymes from Latin America and Salsa Stories. I explain why I felt the need to create Arroz con Leche. I share some of the gentle games of Arrorró. I read a story from Salsa Stories and explain how I created the art. We end dancing the arroz con leche game song. With the host's help, a sampling of Salsa Stories' recipes may be offered. 
Recommended for all ages including adults. A perfect program for Libraries or School Family Nights.


90 min. We explore What? or Why? as prompts for fiction writing. Lulu introduces both books and the questions that prompted each collection of stories. Then we explore how special foods spark fond family memories, and how these memories can be transformed into stories. Lulu guides families to begin crafting their own short story or poem using the remembered, the known, and the imagined. The youngest ones can help with illustrations. Materials provided by the host. Perfect to encourage literacy during Family Nights!



45 min. Learn about the discovery of the Olinguito, its habitat in the cloud forestand the research behind this bilingual book. Kids will marvel at the flora and fauna that coexist with the Olinguito, from a rare Pinocchio lizard to the spectacled bear. Peek at the striking mixed media art and how it was made with real leaves from the forest in Ecuador! This program will spark the imagination of children and prompt them to learn more about the amazing species that live an interconnected life in the cloud forest. This versatile program can be tailored for grades K-4 or older audiences focusing on the extensive research and the challenge of creating lyrical text in two languages.


"Lulu’s personable style, her flexibility and ability to work in two languages at any level and with various group sizes made her visit a valuable experience for our students and teachers."
– Mario Chioini, Upper School Librarian, American School of Paris, France

"Kids and families were truly beaming after hearing your powerful words."
– Tessa Arevalo, Fifth Grade Teacher,  Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Takoma Park, M

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- for adults -

author visits for adults lulu delacre

Adult programs

Lulu Delacre conducts teacher workshops and gives speeches related to her work as an author and illustrator. 

She has been a speaker at the International Reading Association; National Council of Teachers in English; California Reading Association; Spanish Institute; TESOL; National Association of Bilingual Educators; Michigan Reading Association; Frostburg University Children's Literature Institute, MD; the Rabbit Hill Festival, CT; the University of Southern Mississippi, Atlanta University; University of Minnesota; the Mazza Summer Institute; the Shenandoah University Children's Book Festival, VA: Fordham University, NY; the University of Wisconsin; Tulsa University, OK; Ohio State University; Diamond State Reading Association; the University of Northern Colorado; the University of Puerto Rico; the Universidad Católica de Ponce, PR; Kids are Customers Too Conference, MD; SCBWI Regional Conference, MD; ADEC Conference, IL; Salisbury University Read Green Conference, MD; Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, MA; AFT TEACH Conference,DC; Virginia Festival of the Book; Young Reader's Center at the Library of Congress; The Ella Baker Child Policy Training Institute, TN; Independent Catholic Library Association, MD; International Society of Women Teachers, MD; Pine Manor College Solstice Writing Institute, CT; Zimmerli Art Museum, NJ and at the MCPL Staff Development Conference, MD, among others.

To invite her to speak at your conference contact her.

Popular speaking topics

Heritage as Source of Inspiration

Research: Key for Great Fiction, Non-fiction and Art

Every Book is a Journey

Not All Art is Created Equal:
Choosing a Style to Enhance a Manuscript


"Our conference participants (almost 200) were mesmerized. Your school visit was just as spectacular. The students are still buzzing about it a week later. As the conference director, it is so nice to work with authors who truly care about teachers and kids."
– Bryan Gillis Ph.D., Conference on Literature for Children and Young Adults, Kennesaw State University, GA

"Our students have expressed admiration, delight, and astonishment in response to your books and your presentation."
– Linda M Pavonetti, Ed.D., Oakland University, Rochester, MI

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