Jay and Ben

Jay and Ben is an interactive large format board book that can be used as a tool to teach students with disabilities about language, story comprehension, and functional skills. Jay is a boy who does things on his own but feels lonely one day. That night he wishes on a shooting star for a friend. The star becomes Ben, a magical horse that befriends Jay.

Since children with disabilities are on a spectrum of levels, they require individualized education. Jay and Ben can be used for different types of lessons, reaching a wide range of abilities.

He can spread jam on toast by himself

Clear visual representation of the text through illustrations containing sequenced panels of pictures, along with picture symbols based on the commonly used Boardmaker™ Picture Communication Symbols, enables children to gain understanding of the story plot and to recognize printed words. Some illustrations also provide the opportunity to focus on functional skills such as spreading jam on one's toast and brushing one's teeth.

Louise Spencer Autism Program
Jay and Ben: Pre-telling and Retelling for Fun
30 min. Lulu explains how she created the Jay and Ben characters.
She shows each illustration and asks the audience to help her build a sentence that goes with each page.
Then, she reveals the published story. How fun to compare both texts! Finally, the audience helps Lulu arrange sequencing cards into chronological order. Brainstorming about future Jay and Ben adventures. Recommended for Pre K-1.
NOTE: This program can be adapted to reach children in Autism Programs.

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